‘I worry that I won’t get to see George and Charlotte grow up’, says Prince William in emotional interview with Ant and Dec

Pince williams

Prince William has confessed he worries that he won’t get to see George and Charlotte grow up, in a new documentary with Ant and Dec.

The Duke of Cambridge admitted that fatherhood has made him more ’emotional’ and more aware of how ‘precious life is’.

His own mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash when he was just 15 in an event which will have affected his attitude towards parenthood.

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Devon mum writes Facebook post to a stranger who inspired her to change her life

devon mum

A grateful mother has written a touching Facebook post to a stranger ‘with crazy blonde curly hair’ after being inspired to change her own life by watching her on the school run for the last 10 years.

Rachaele Hambleton, 33, posted the deeply moving message online to say how she had been inspired by the complete stranger who she sees walking her children to school across Shaldon bridge, near Teignmouth in Devon, every morning. Read More…

Chief of $2 trillion investment firm decided to quit after 10-year-old daughter presented him with list of 22 milestones in her life that he had missed


A globally-respected financier has revealed that he quit his job running a $2 trillion investment fund after his young daughter wrote him a note pointing out that he had missed 22 landmark events in her life.

Mohamed El-Erian’s ten-year-old told her dad that he had skipped her first day of school, Halloween parade, her first soccer game of the year and many recitals because he was too busy at work. Read More…

Proof sibling rivalry can scar you for life – by two sisters riven by such jealousy and loathing it takes your breath away

Louisa (left) sister & Ursula Hirschkorn (right) aged 6/7 holding Arnold the cat 1977/1978

When I look back over my long summer holidays as a child, there’s one scene that encapsulates a typical day.

I am alone, at the edge of a scrubby, sun-bleached field in rural Essex. Somewhere in the distance I can see my older sister Louisa and her friends.

They’re laughing and running away and I know I can’t catch them, so there’s no point in trying. Yet I want to be with them, not for the pleasure of their company — even though heaven knows there is little of that — but because I’m not entirely confident they will come back and find me. Read More…

The average British family has just THREE HOURS of quality time together a week… and gym workouts, long commutes and checking email at home are to blame


Forget making time for your family, the average British household manages to spend as little as three hours and six minutes of quality time together in a week, according to a new study.

Long working hours, lengthy commutes and after school clubs mean parents can only spare an average 62 minutes to chat or play with their kids, on three typical week nights.

And after chores and domestic duties, only five hours and nine minutes of play time are squeezed out of the average weekend.

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He’ll never forget that!

baby elephant

This baby elephant had a very lucky escape after a crocodile tried to bite off his trunk – only for his mum to come to the rescue.

In a real-life version of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, this calf had been splashing around in the shallow end of a watering hole in the African bush, when the crocodile launched out of the water and clamped down on his trunk.

The rest of the herd stood around in shock, trumpeting and snorting as they battled to save the helpless baby elephant from the attack.

Against the odds, the tiny baby elephant managed to beat off the reptile and stumble backwards, leaving the crestfallen crocodile to slink back into the murky water. Read More…